Evening with ŽIŽEK& Hertog

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Thomas Hertog is a Belgian cosmologist at KU Leuven University and was a key collaborator of Professor Stephen Hawking.

He will give a special lecture on the Origin of Time. His book, "On the Origin of Time," is the result of a lifelong cooperation with Stephen Hawking. Hawking became famous for his publication: "A Brief History of Time".

Hertog will talk about the so-called 'Topdown perspective' when one analyzes the universe as a participant. We are participants in the universe, not cool observers without a connection to what we perceive.

These notions are rooted in texts by Hannah Arendt, who was not only a political thinker but whose influence one can feel in the discussion about our universe seen as a holographic universe. In order to see where cosmology is heading today and what the implications are of a holographic universe, we are greatly anticipating the exciting talk Thomas Hertog will give as the opening to our exposition "Masters of Today".

Slavoj Žižek will shed his light on quantum physics, the metaverse, and religion in a 30-minute great discourse, specially prepared for the opening of the exhibition. It seems as if quantum physics has not yet found its place in the present world. Why is this the case? Slavoj will go to the heart of things in his enjoyable way of explaining and commenting.

Friday 19 July, 19:00
Church De Duif
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*The special light art during this opening evening is created by Thierry de Mey.