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From Saturday, July 20th until September 7th, Lieuwe van Gogh has his own exhibition at De Duif. It mainly features new work. The exhibition of Lieuwe van Gogh also provides access to the expo: 'Masters of Our Time: "The End of Truth"'.

Lieuwe van Gogh, born in Amsterdam, 1991, is a direct descendant of Vincent van Gogh. His father was filmmaker Theo van Gogh, murdered by a muslim extremist in 2004.

Lieuwe started painting already from a young age and graduated Mix Art Academy when he was just 16. After years of working in the kitchen as a sous-chef, he developed his own unique and recognizable style of painting with squeezebottles and cutlery.

In 2022, he created the sponsor lithograph for the Dutch Museum of Lithography, unknowingly using the same scratching technique as Vincent has with his lithographs. Lieuwes debut solo exposition, opened by the Dutch State Secretary for Culture & Media and under the attention of all main press Pentecost 2022, attracted an audience from all over the country and abroad.

20 July - 09 September
Church De Duif
Early-bird Tickets

*Paintings by Lieuwe van Gogh can be reserved during the exhibition and purchased after its conclusion on September 7th.


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19 Jul - 7 Sep 2024