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Nonna Hoogland is an illustrator and artist from Utrecht, the Netherlands. In her work, she tries to process and understand herself, and the world around her. That’s why humanity, and especially women, are always the main subject of her work. She focuses on emotions, relationships, ethics,(art)history and mythology. Her work changes from poetic to cynical, from humorous to intimate, and always remains vulnerable in its honesty. She uses a variety of analog techniques, with a preference for painting and ceramics.

Greek mythology can be interpreted differently according to Nonna Hoogland. Women were present, but we did not hear their voices clearly. In today's era of identity politics, we are sensitive to such omissions. Enjoy the insights of Nonna Hoogland, who offers another perspective on Greek mythology.


Savage Collectives

76 Soho Rd

Birmingham B21 9BN


19 Jul - 7 Sep 2024